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Wild Pink Outdoor offers women's outdoor-inspired apparel in our signature pink-trimmed camo look.

Are you a woman who likes to walk on the wild side? We're not talking the martini-guzzling, fast-cars and bad-boy dating kind of wild side. We mean the mud-bogging, 8-point buck-hunting, under-the-stars camping kind of wild side. If you'd rather wake up to the sun rising over a South Georgia river bluff than an Upper East Side high-rise, then you've come to the right place.

Wild Pink Outdoor offers a full range of women's outdoor apparel, accessories and gear including tops and bottoms, jackets, hats, belt buckles, swimsuits and lingerie. You'll also find great gear including auto seat and steering wheel covers, travel mugs and wallets. Much of our product line sport our signature pink-trimmed camouflage look, lending a little ladylike chic to the universal outdoors color scheme.

"The concept behind Wild Pink Outdoor was an idea that I've had for a few years now. One part of my personality is a country loving outdoors fanatic, the other, a fabulous fashionista. I started to think, how could I go about mixing my two loves? Well, one day the whole idea behind Wild Pink clicked for me!

I wanted to have my air boat look as fabulous as I did, so I decided to get it wrapped in a powerful pink color and add outdoor camouflage detail to it. That was my light bulb moment. Why wasn't there more options for women when it comes to outdoor gear and apparel, besides just the traditional camo colors for men?

I would like to introduce that option to you, Wild Pink Outdoor!"

Jill Reynolds
Founder of Wild Pink Outdoor


Who says a tomboy can't also be a lady – and look like one? Welcome to Wild Pink Outdoor. And check back often for info on new products, outdoors news and events, and tips for the wilderness-loving woman.


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